HP Wealth Short Term Danish Bonds was established in 2019 and is a professional and independent investment fund with an active investment strategy. 

HP Wealth invest primarily in Danish Krone denominated Danish government, mortgage bonds and bonds guaranteed by the Danish government or municipalities. In addition, it is possible to invest in up to 15 % senior non-preferred bonds issued by Nordic SIFI financial institutions and Danish banks.

Danish mortgage bonds are well-suited as the safe part of the portfolio for a professional investor, to create room in the risk budget for more risky investments. Shares in HP Wealth trade daily on the base of net asset value. The investor therefore has a more liquid investment than a single bond investment.

HP Wealth Short Term Danish Bonds is originally split from HP Engros Short Term Danish Bonds and hence returns prior to the launch of HP Wealth in 2019 are those of HP Engros Short Term Danish Bonds. HP Engros is an UCITS fund (AIF) and is a subfund under investeringsforeningen Investin.

This website is created and managed by HP Fondsmæglerselskab A/S and HP Fondsmæglerselskab A/S is thereby responsible for information published.

The funds objective

  • To give the highest return compared to similar funds. At current interest rate levels focus is on capital preservation

  • As a minimum to after costs the match return of the funds' benchmark

  • To deliver the highest possible Sharpe ratio over a 3-year period

The Danish Bond Market

The Danish Mortgage Bond Market has in its 200 year of history resisted several crises and is widely recognized as a safe and well tested system. The structure is based on registration of all real estate in Denmark, a thoroughly defined legal system and effective procedures in case of debtors’ payment default. The market consists of a large number of issues, approximately 1,700. Despite the large number of issues, the market is still very liquid. The high credit quality is shown by the high rating all new issuances receives.

Approved by Danish FSA

Investeringsforeningen Investin has been approved by and registered with the Danish FSA under FT no. 11.155, CVR no 27 21 28 59.